“I want to have a testimony…”

When Wendy Lynn Larson uttered those words to her mother at 17 years of age, she had no idea of the journey she was about to begin…an arduous climb that would bring her face to face not only with her own mortality, but the end of her dream to have a family. Or so she thought.

Join Wendy as she tells her warm, sometimes whimsical, and always vulnerable story from being a precocious child and “normal” teenage girl longing for more, to becoming a woman whose death-defying struggles and persevering faith have helped her discover and experience a hope and zest for life you’ll find infectious and inspiring.

My Climb will give you the confidence to know you can make it through anything life throws in your path. Take the first step today.

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God’s Doorstep

Read Wendy’s article Gods Doorstep, published at 5iveforwomen.com, a magazine for women that genuinely connects with today’s intelligent, confident, go-getter woman through insightful articles and thought-provoking features.