“I want to have a testimony…”

When Wendy Lynn Larson uttered those words to her mother at 17 years of age, she had no idea of the journey she was about to begin…an arduous climb that would bring her face to face not only with her own mortality, but the end of her dream to have a family. Or so she thought.

Join Wendy as she tells her warm, sometimes whimsical, and always vulnerable story from being a precocious child and “normal” teenage girl longing for more, to becoming a woman whose death-defying struggles and persevering faith have helped her discover and experience a hope and zest for life you’ll find infectious and inspiring.

My Climb will give you the confidence to know you can make it through anything life throws in your path. Take the first step today.

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WendyLarson_myclimbMy Climb
Leukemia, infertility, adoption – and all the missteps along the way
A memoir of survival, breakthrough, and hope


What They’re Saying…

My Climb would be riveting if it was a novel—but to know this is Wendy Lynn Larson’s real-life story takes my breath away. How could one person live through all this and still be so joyful? There’s no doubt Wendy’s bold faith and relentless trust outfitted her for her climb. Read this book and you’ll see God’s work in action. It will encourage and equip you to endure your own climb.

–Kathy Carlton Willis
Women’s minister, speaker, and author of soon-to-be released Grin with Grace

Wendy Lynn Larson has crafted a well-written memoir of hope that drew my heart in on page one and never let it go. As a seventeen year old fighting cancer, the maturity of Wendy’s faith and thought processes throughout her ordeal were that of someone beyond her years. I wept with her, prayed with her, and rejoiced with her as she described her climb through life-changing crises and joyful times—with God always at her side. Wendy’s tenacious faith, trust, and hope in God, in spite of broken rungs on the ladder, inspired me, and her triumphs in the face of daunting odds will give hope and encouragement to others on their own climbs.

–Michele McClintock Sharp

Transparent, touching, and triumphant! In My Climb, Wendy Lynn Larson shares her moving story of both adversity and blessing in a way that will engage the heart of each and every reader. Prepare to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, and to relate as her story unfolds. I couldn’t help but be both encouraged and inspired by Wendy’s unwavering faith, determination, and courage. You will be, too!

–Nancy Meyer
Master of Social Work, Adoption Specialist