A Life Blessing

“As we walked inside, I could hear my great grandma from the kitchen. ‘Hi, Wendy! Welcome!’ I scurried in to see her. She stood there with her beautiful silver hair and silky skin, her hands worn but still strong after years of hard labor on the farm and a thirty-year career with the Singer Sewing Machine Company.’”

That’s just a brief description from my book My Climb of a woman (pictured here) who touched my life in many ways. My great grandma, Adeline Mielke Davis, lived to be 101. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was a lady of perfection who taught me many things. Every time I “dress” my table for company, I think of her. She loved the finer things in life and yet she was tough and worked in her garden for hours. I consider myself blessed and honored to have had her as my grandma.

As I continue with the “sanctity of life” theme this month, did you know that a synonym for the word “sanctity” is “blessedness?” I want to look at the people in our lives who have blessed us, whether they are still here on Earth or passed on.

Take this moment to think about one of those people who has impacted you in a positive way. What was it that was so influential about that person? Was it unconditional love, tough love, grace, mercy, faith, or simply that they were there for you when you needed them? Maybe you were touched by someone’s story that gave your life a whole new perspective.

The Bible tells us that God puts people in our lives for a reason and a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1). How wonderful it is that we can have people that shine a light in us that gives hope and encouragement when we need it.

Of course, they are human, finite, and are prone to fail; but as Christians we have an omniscient friend who never fails, is with us at all times, and provides all that we crave and need (such as grace, mercy, and love). His name is Jesus. We can sanctify the life of Jesus and be blessed by Him every day.

My challenge to you is that you become that person in someone else’s life that is a blessing and light to them. When my kids leave for school in the morning, I tell them to “be Jesus to someone” that day. Be that person others notice and then wonder to themselves, “What does that person have that I don’t?” Then tell them about your anchor of expectation, the hope of your life: Jesus.

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